2024 Summer Term :

  • Only online ZOOM classes for 2024 summer term, Will have both in person and online classes for 2024 Fall term later this year from Sept;
  • Please download zoom app before the first class for online classes;
  • US Eastern Time


2024 Summer Term Introduction :

2024 Chess online Summer term is from Jun-8th 2024 to Aug-02th 2024. There are 8 weeks, 2 classes per week for each group for summer term; 90 minutes per class, including lectures and practices; Students could use online self-assess tools to decide their level or contact customer service to arrange assessment during school time;

2024 Debate online summer term is from Jun 1st, 2024 to Sept 20th, 2024. There are 16 weeks, 1 class per week for each group; 90 minutes per class;

CCYC has the right to change the coach before or during the term; CCYC has the right to combine or cancel some classes if less than 6 students registered before term starts.

Registration :

  • One student will be registrated by one order; if you want to register multiple students, you have to submit separately. It’s required to fill out the information of the student before checking out.
  • You can use the filter function, such as CLASSTYPE, LEVEL, TEACHER and TIME to quickly find the suitable course. Or you can also use SEARCH to put in key words for a quick search.
  • Please turn your Phone/iPad sideways for registration 如果你使用手机,或者PAD操作,为获得最好的效果,请把屏幕横过来操作。

Exchange class:

  • We have 16 classes this term. Every student has two free chances to make up a missing class. Please contact with customer service (ccycservice@gmail.com) at least 24 hours before the missing class. No refund for missing classes. CCYC has the right to cancel classes due to website issues or irresistible forces. Parents can apply to make up those canceled classes online. No refund. Email: ccycservice@gmail.com

CCYC Refund Policy (2024 Summer Term):

If you would like to withdraw from a course, please submit written notice to ccycservice@gmail.com no later than May 1st 2024 to be eligible for a refund (less a 10% administration fee). No refund will be made for cancellations received after May 1st 2024 for Summer Term.
Some exceptions to this policy apply:
-CCYC is sometimes forced to cancel courses due to insufficient enrolment or other reasons. If this occurs, a full refund will be processed.
-CCYC understands potential unexpected family problems/changes. If this occurs, please talk to us and we will work out a plan together.
For any questions, please contact us at ccycservice@gmail.com


You can check the status of your orders in “My Account”. You will receive email notice when the status of the order changes to COMPLETE. You can receive the Invoice by email and you can also download the PDF invoice in your email.

2024 Summer Term Fee

  •  Full Price: $579 Plus HST, after 1st May 2024;

Practice Classes Introduction

Master Practice: Strategic Insights and Practical Techniques

Analyze different playing styles: aggressive, positional, tactical, etc. Help students identify their own playing style and strengths.
Discuss how to adapt strategies based on personal style.

Learn to build a solid opening repertoire tailored to individual preferences. Focus on understanding key principles rather than memorization.
Analyze common opening mistakes and how to avoid them.

Topics that will be discussed:
Pawn Structures:
Explore various pawn structures and their strategic implications. Discuss how to recognize and exploit weaknesses in pawn formations.
Analyze master games showcasing effective pawn structure play.
Tactical Mastery: Pattern Recognition
Delve into tactical motifs and patterns. Practice solving tactical puzzles to improve pattern recognition.
Analyze famous tactical combinations and their underlying principles.
Middle Game Planning and Strategy
Study typical middle game plans based on pawn structure and piece activity. Discuss how to create and execute strategic plans effectively.
Analyze model games to understand strategic concepts in action.
Endgame Essentials
Focus on fundamental endgame principles and techniques. Study key endgame positions such as King and Pawn endgames.
Practice endgame studies and practical scenarios to improve endgame skills.