We accept students from 4 years of age.

We have brought an advanced chess teaching system because we believe it directly contributes to academic performance.
We teach using our advanced chess teaching system built upon various important factors such as attention, imagination, forward thinking, pro and con weighing, analytical factoring, abstract thinking, and planning to create an incredibly comprehensive system that teaches children skill sets that can be applied in chess and everyday life.
Attention- We teach our students the benefits of careful observation and focus. If a child isn’t observant of what is occurring, they will not be prepared to respond correctly no matter how intelligent they are.
Imagination- We prompt our students to imagine what will occur before they act on it so that they can clearly see what steps to take in which order. We train our students to first imagine the piece’s next steps before moving to enhance their imaginative and predictive ability.
Forward thinking- We teach our students to think first and then take action. In both life and chess, we must consider “If I do this, what will happen and how will I deal with that?”. Through chess, our students learn to be contemplative, patient and understand the consequences of their choices.
Weighing pros and cons- We teach our students that the first idea that comes to mind often is not the wisest choice. Our students learn to recognize a wide variety of choices and to consider the pros and cons of these choices.
Analytical skills- We coach our students to learn the results of evaluating changes and sequences. We prompt to wonder, “Does this order help me or harm me?”. We guide our students to makes better decisions through logical thinking than impulsiveness.
Abstract Thinking- We teach our students to frequently think outside the box and to consider the whole picture of the combination of moves rather than each individual move. We also teach them how to apply various techniques and patterns in novel situations to expand their chess and abstract thinking ability.
Planning Capabilities (Developing a Plan) – We teach our students to develop long term goals and take steps toward the goal. They also learn the need to reassess their plans and change plans as soon as new developments are made.

Parents are welcome to provide CCYC with more information about their child’s chess history and abilities however the club has the ultimate decision in which class the child will be placed in. Class placement is dependent on many factors such as child’s age, chess ability and comprehension, chess class history, gender, and language for the overall balance of the class and most importantly, to suit the education needs of the child.

The maximum number is 16 students per class.

CCYC organizes several competitions every year for its students to participate in addition to preparing students to participate in various chess tournaments throughout Ontario and even across the country.

You can apply online via our website for registration. Users can register, select courses, and pay online. Please see the whole process walk through on our website.

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